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  1. To what extent is imagination important in playing the role of gaining new knowledge?


    May 31, 2016 by yukidaru

    Two years ago, shocking news ran through Japan. A scientist claimed of the success in the reproduction of the STAP …
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  2. To what extend does reasoning become a strong way of knowing to have objective knowledge?


    May 30, 2016 by Nancy Jung

    To me, 2016 CAS trip in Qingdao becomes a good experience to understand the infantile autism and amentia. I enjoyed …
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  3. To what extent does emotion play a role in religion (faith)?


    May 30, 2016 by jessicayang

    Three days of service in a special education school in Jimo, Qingdao during the CAS Trip is a great experience …
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  4. Language and communication


    May 30, 2016 by Akane Kuma

    During my CAS Trip to Qingdao, I had a chance to interact with people with autism and down syndrome. I …
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  5. To what extent is knowledge in the natural sciences absolute?


    May 12, 2016 by cathyk

    In physics class last week, as our teacher was lecturing, she presented a very complex, sophisticated equation to us. One …
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  6. TOK Presentation Tips


    May 11, 2016 by iKrips

    Here is the Prezi I used to introduce the TOK Presentation: You must refer to the relevant Section on TOK Presentations in …
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  7. Vanity and Hypocrisy


    May 7, 2016 by celiadanqing

    An article said, the good is to exist on the truth, and the hypocrisy is to exist on the vanity. …
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  8. Six famous thought experiments


    May 6, 2016 by iKrips

    Respond to ‘Six Famous Thought Experiments‘ (YouTube) in a thoughtful, TOK-laden comment below.   Things to consider in your response: …
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  9. Think TOK


    May 4, 2016 by iKrips

    Hi M17TOKkers! Use this place to post your thoughts on TOK, as you would in a ‘paper’ journal. This platform …
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