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May 4, 2016 by iKrips

Hi M17TOKkers!

CC0 Public Domain

CC0 Public Domain

Use this place to post your thoughts on TOK, as you would in a ‘paper’ journal.

This platform works better because it allows your friends to read and comment on your posts, thus taking the conversation forward.

Things you may blog about:

  • Your thoughts as you read the prescribed texts. This is not a place to write your notes, but to respond freely, usually beginning or ending with a knowledge question that drives your thoughts. This will provide an opportunity for your classmates to respond in the comments section.
  • Real-life situations (TV shows, movies, a picture, news, events, your experiences as a student, etc.) that prompt a knowledge question that you want to begin a conversation around.
  • Any other thoughts that are focused on matters related to TOK.

You are encouraged to blog as often as you can, and comment on your friends’ posts (this will encourage them and you as well to be an active blogger!). However, I will be evaluating a minimum of 4 blog posts before the end of each quarter, using the IB assessment instrument for essays. I will be looking for how well you

  • understand the knowledge question
  • the quality of your analysis of the knowledge question
  • how well you demonstrate the practical application of TOK concepts in real life

I will also factor in the frequency and quality of your comments to your classmates’ posts as part of your ‘participation’ grade for each term.


Remember to cite all your references and use only rights-free images.


Good luck!


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