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Six famous thought experiments


May 6, 2016 by iKrips

Respond to ‘Six Famous Thought Experiments‘ (YouTube) in a thoughtful, TOK-laden comment below.


Things to consider in your response:

  • What connections can you find to the subjects you study?
  • Can you provide a practical example of the application of any one (or more) of these concepts?
  • How well can you challenge these theories? Remember to provide evidence to back your counter/claim(s).

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  1. Akane Kuma says:

    Paradox, this exists everywhere. Watching the video immediately took me to wonder about the limitations of language. Those are complex ideas, but to what extent is language playing a role in reserving these ideas?
    Language serves as one of our ways of knowing. We understand and communicate with each other by sharing what we know. In other words, we translate those personal knowledge into shared knowledge. These six paradoxes are all shared knowledge. It has been translated from a feeling to language–media of communication–and from a language to languages. However, to what extent does language accurately describe?
    One experience I got from this video is going through the process of thinking. To me, this was a brief introduction of those six thought experiments as well as a lesson of history. Ideas are important but how we came to those ideas are vital. Because of the presentation of process, I could use imagination and to follow the birth and the development of these ideas.
    This video used visuals and these visual are someone’s interpretation of language. Then the audience (me) re-interpret those visuals to understand language. If to say reservation is to save objects as what it is–just like a USBs, copy and paste documents without ever changing it–I think language fails to do that.
    Language does not work like USB but rather a guide, in my opinion. Language stimulates imagination and because of our personal knowledge about that particular word, we understand the context of the speech. Shared knowledge and personal knowledge are interrelated because we use personal knowledge in order to understand shared knowledge.
    Personally, infinity is one of my favorite idea to explore when I have free times. If to say language fails to reserve ideas as a USB, then the interpretation of it has forms as many as infinity.

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