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Emotion and Sports


August 28, 2016 by yukidaru

2016 is the year of Rio Olympics. People cheer for their own country, even if they do not really know the rule of the sports. They cheer because the players hold their flag, because the players represent the nation on the stage to the world. Touching moments are seen in this enormous stage. Watching the Olympics for Japan team, I found out that some people who are not Japanese cheer for the Japan team, because they want to do so. Something had led them to do so, and I believe it is the power of unification of sports. When people find a common thing that they share together, they become friends. This phenomenon involves emotion, memory and reasoning as a way of knowing.

Emotion plays a huge role in sports and supporters. In the Olympics game, people cheer for their players because they have emotion. There is happiness, sadness, anger, grumble, and all kinds of it. Most people would not be able to explain in a clear manner, for why they support their own country’s team. It’s actually a simple answer because that person is a part of that nation. The reason here is not logical because it involves emotion. A feeling of wanting to win over another, a feeling of being afraid to loose, leads people to cheer. I think that one possible explanation for people to cheer is that because they become satisfied when they see their country, a group that they belong to, overwhelms the other. It is human nature of not wanting to loose. It brings up pride and hope for people to think that they are better than other countries. Of course the sports games are not like that on the surface, but the basis of cheering comes from the natural human thinking of not wanting to loose. People have always been fighting. Sports and wars are quite similar, because they have the same structure. Two sides or more than that, fight with each other to try to become the better one. Sport is a non-violent type of war. People always seek for conflicts and fights, because it is fun to watch. That comes from the emotion. It is a dominant human emotion, and history has been created in the same way.

However, it is not only the fighting part that makes people obsessed with sports. Watching Japanese news, they show touching moment, which evokes people’s emotion. For instance, when a player got a gold medal, TV will show his or her family background, sometime talking about family that passed away or hard times that the player had experienced before reaching the great achievement. People who watch the same thing and feel the same way. I assume that this is the type people share the same type of feeling, which unites them together more, because they think the same way and feel the same way. They link their emotion, to the history of the player and history of the country.

Music works as a tool to evoke emotion too. Watching a sports video with a fitting music makes a huge difference then just watching a sports video without any sound. On the spot broadcasting, also works the same. People will have more chance to feel excited and impressed by sharing the same feeling with the person that is broadcasting.

Emotion gives memory more colors. The more information of past knowledge, the bigger and deeper the emotion would be. The deeper the emotion, more powerful the memory becomes. The more powerful emotion and memory becomes, the more personal knowledge, would be a shared knowledge.


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